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Juanita Wilson - Lead Vocals

Juanita spent several years with one of East Anglia’s premier function acts – The Mike West Band. She also worked with Paul Hardy, famous for the 1995 hit, ‘Love City Groove’. More recently, she has worked regularly with 80’s singer/songwriter Owen Paul who is well known for the single ‘My Favourite Waste of Time’. She provides backing vocals for 70’s disco band, The Gary White Foundation and popular tribute show, Elvis in Trouble. Last year saw Juanita covering some high profile gigs with Owen Paul, including Sara Cox’s 80’s Danceathon on BBC Radio 2, PKD festival and Irlam Live. Juanita was excited to sing backing vocals on Owen Paul’s new dance single ‘Amazing’, produced by Stonebridge.

Lynn JohnStone - Vocals

Lynne started her singing career mentoring rock workshops and playing Singstar. For over 10 years she has led and been the main vocalist for ‘Get Rocking’, running courses that enable adult musicians to join a band. These are held four times a year. She sings backing vocals both live and in the studio for 80’s popstar Owen Paul (My Favourite Waste of Time) and has performed on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Radio 2, the Sara Cox Comic Relief Danceathon and at many major festivals and events alongside Jason Donovan, B*witched, Toyah, East 17 and many more. She has also sung backing vocals for XSM (Ex Simple Minds) a band featuring former members of 80’s stars – Simple Minds.

Chris Phillips - Bass Vocals

As a self taught musician, Chris started out on keyboards and guitar and progressed to bass, playing in a number of local original bands. Establishing himself as a bass player within a successful function band, Chris quickly took on more responsibility as the musical lead, as well as taking an interest in the marketing side of the band. This developed into him taking on the band leader role for a number of successful acts, including a 70s disco band, a Jam tribute and a number of function/party bands, playing public, private and corporate events across the South of England. Chris is well respected for his musicianship and attention to detail.

Russ Wilson - Drums

Russ has been drumming since he was 9 years old – inspired by seeing the late, great Cozy Powell on Top of the Pops. He has actively played drums since that time and performed professionally for more than 15 years. In addition to his vast experience of live work with numerous bands, Russ has been involved in songwriting, recording, the creation of drum loops and in computer based music production. He has appeared on TV and toured worldwide with the award winning tribute, Ultimate Elton and the Rocket Band and remains part of Owen Paul’s 80’s show. In addition Russ is involved in Progressive Rock Tributes – Fragile and The Book of Genesis. He also spent many years on the London function scene, playing for celebrities and at high profile public and private events. In 2012, Russ scored 2nd place in the UK Heats of Roland’s V-Drum World Championship.

Mark Preston - Keyboards

Mark’s first real act of childhood rebellion was adamantly refusing to go to any more classical piano lessons. This dismayed his parents, both accomplished musicians, but he reassured them in the strongest possible terms that he would not regret the move because there was no way he was ever going to play the piano when he grew up! His career high spots include supporting Rick Astley and Jools Holland, playing for Boy George and accompanying Gareth Malone in one of his make-your-own-choir TV shows. Mark’s undoubted professional pinnacle, however, involved the Cheeky Girls – but he is far too much a gentleman to go into details! With his trademark propensity for strapping on a keytar and disappearing offstage to ‘get on down’ with guests, Mark is a musical figure like no other, of whom it is often and legitimately said: ‘if only he’d gone to a few more lessons as a child

Tom Hogan - Guitar

Tom’s musical journey began when he was encouraged to take up the violin aged six, he later flirted with the guitar and eventually attended formal training at the ACM School. Following graduation he taught guitar privately and has played in numerous bands across the South East and elsewhere. His playing style can be best described as combining elements of Rock, Jazz, Blues and Funk. Tom’s favourite musicians are Stevie Wonder, Sting, Nile Rodgers and Mattias “IA” Eklund. Like Grandpa Joe, Tom is also a Yorkshireman who in his spare time likes to drink tea/beer, play rugby and talk inane nonsense to anyone who’ll listen.
Tom plays his PRS 22 through Mesa-Boogie amplification.

Nick Andrew - Guitar

Nick is a remarkably accomplished guitarist who takes ‘Fusion’ to another level with his range encompassing the full spectrum from flamenco and classical to jazz and rock and is not only a dazzling soloist but also an intuitive and creative rhythm player whether on acoustic, electric or MIDI instruments. ln 2005 Nick wrote, performed, produced and independently released his first solo CD called “Solo?” which is a mixture of modern classical with jazz (with a touch of Rock n’ Roll!). The Album also exposes Nick’s biggest musical influences, Chick Corea, Beethoven, Chopin and Jeff Beck! For the Concerto for Electric guitar and orchestra, Nick played all the instruments himself, all on guitar! (Even the violas, drums, whooshes and gongs) using modern Midi guitar technology.

Kate Stevens -Vocals

Kate Stevens is a professional singer based in Hampshire. She has spent a decade performing with live bands and musicians across a diverse range of styles, giving her a broad range of experience.
Kate’s musical roots are based in rock and roll however in recent years she has developed her love and repertoire in blues and jazz. Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan, Etta James, Caro Emerald, Imelda May, Susan Tedeschi, Beth Hart, and Storm Large are big inspirations and influences to her personal style of smooth, uncomplicated vocals.

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